Of Pilots & “Pirates”

The pilot inherited his job. The “pirates” created theirs. I encountered both while cruising on the Nile River in Egypt recently. The surprises just kept coming… To be clear, they aren’t really pirates. Our Egyptian guide called them “the pirates of Nile” because they come alongside the way real pirates sometimes did (and maybe still … Continue reading Of Pilots & “Pirates”

Of God/s & Cats

After a 20-day trip to Egypt, my head is swimming with the names of Ancient Egyptian gods. And the different ways, today, to worship God. And … cats. In Egypt, God/s and cats are everywhere. It seems like we went everywhere, too … starting at the capitol city of Cairo on the Nile River, then … Continue reading Of God/s & Cats

Egypt! (Cairo)

This is a country of contrast and paradox–not so different from the U.S. in that way. Religion and politics are strong factors–also not so different from the U.S. What is different so far, in my experience, is the willingness to openly discuss these things. That’s because I’m traveling with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT), which makes … Continue reading Egypt! (Cairo)

Transition Time (Again)

Spring is a transition time for the world, and doubly so for me this year. In fact, the past nine months have been a series of transitions…from dirt to boat, then back to dirt, repeat. (“Dirt” is the word many boaters use for land; i.e., “my dirt home.”) Unless you’ve lived long-term on a moving … Continue reading Transition Time (Again)

To Solomons Island & State #14

Many Moons is hanging out for awhile at an “island” which isn’t quite that, just 56 miles south of Annapolis on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, at the mouth of the Patuxent River. Solomons claims the designation of “island” because a 20-foot-wide waterway (more like a ditch) separates it from the mainland. Never … Continue reading To Solomons Island & State #14

Into the Chesapeake

And he-e-r-e we go, up the big bay! It’s hard to believe we are here already, but our bodies confirm it. They feel it. Cruising in rough waters takes a physical toll, even if it stops short of an up-chuck. Not all of the 74 miles we put under the hull today were like that, … Continue reading Into the Chesapeake

From Swamp to “Jungle”

How strange to travel by boat from a remote swamp to a “concrete jungle” in the same day. It’s quite the transition, from the narrow canal of The Great Dismal Swamp to the wide, industry-lined waterways of Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Portsmouth/etc.). One of the memorable days as we enter our 9th month on The Great Loop! … Continue reading From Swamp to “Jungle”

Great Dismal Swamp

We’re here! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, having heard about it for decades. We had to time it right to arrive at the southern lock at opening time, since the two locks that book-end the canal open on a schedule. We traveled in a parade of three boats…Nordic Tug in … Continue reading Great Dismal Swamp

Elizabeth City

This is what I hoped for from The Great Loop — far from big marinas, mixing it up with the locals. Our home for two nights was this city of 19,000 on the shores of the Pasquotank River, just north of the Albemarle Sound and near the entrance to the Great Dismal Swamp. The city … Continue reading Elizabeth City


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