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WWMD? Honoring a Legacy

(Note: This is posted under “Reflections.” If you want to read about the boat only, click “The Boat” from the menu above.) She died on Christmas morning. In her bed. After writing a message on her blackboard in perfect penmanship. A perfect exit, you might say. That was 3+ weeks ago, but it’s taken me … Continue reading WWMD? Honoring a Legacy

To the Atlantic

The New Year brings a new coastline for the Mainship Many Moons. More than 3,000 miles into her journey, she is anchored tonight near Cape Canaveral on the east coast of Florida. Jeff and Josh have travelled 160 miles, crossing the state of Florida from west to east via the Okeechobee Waterway. Their adventures have … Continue reading To the Atlantic

All is Calm….

Many Moons is anchored out tonight in the Lake Okeechobee Waterway (OWW) after traveling 58 miles, as father and son prepare to celebrate Christmas together in southern Florida. All is calm, and probably bright, since the moon is at 80%. For this we are grateful, after our last posting about high winds! It was not … Continue reading All is Calm….

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“Your written blog and pictures are confirming for all of us who are privileged to live in the UP and especially near or on Keweenaw Bay. Your writing ability is superb. Your reflections and introspection are inspiring. Your audience needs to be expanded…

Laurie Wargelin