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Last & Second Chances

Nov. 30, 2022. November is most known for the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, I’ll remember it most for its last and second chances…at gardening, paddling, hiking, blading and renewing relationships. I missed the traditional gathering because I was traveling, but received many reminders to be thankful. One doesn’t need a big family dinner for that. … Continue reading Last & Second Chances

Falling Back

Nov. 4, 2022. Late fall is a time of falling back — with our clocks, and sometimes our habits. It can feel like back-tracking. It’s harder to pull myself off the couch. My mind goes to snacks. The ever-earlier sunset brings a mild sense of dread. I know how this goes and I know what … Continue reading Falling Back

Change Is Good

Why leave a place you love? Because it’s so great to go back, and you never take it for granted. I love my rustic camp on the northern border, on the shores of Huron Bay. But I left it last month for the east coast, then the west coast, and back to the east coast. … Continue reading Change Is Good

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“Your written blog and pictures are confirming for all of us who are privileged to live in the UP and especially near or on Keweenaw Bay. Your writing ability is superb. Your reflections and introspection are inspiring. Your audience needs to be expanded…

Laurie Wargelin