Hometown Visit With Sid

Have you ever noticed how two trajectories can meet unexpectedly in your life? That's how it was when we joined Looping Sid on a visit to my hometown this week. We met Sid in North Carolina in late March just before entering The Great Dismal Swamp. We were more than 4,000 miles into The Great … Continue reading Hometown Visit With Sid

Many Moons at “Home”

Where is "home?" Where your heart is, they say. For boats doing The Great Loop, it's the home port. For Mainship Many Moons, that's Huron Bay, a narrow 12-mile-long bay (some call it a fjord) on the southern shore of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Many Moons has been at anchor here for over … Continue reading Many Moons at “Home”

The Disappearing Island

Tangier Island is disappearing. We've been hearing this for decades. I can confirm that it's true. I was there. The small, still-inhabited island in the Chesapeake Bay is now 2.5 miles long by 1.5 miles wide. That's apparently half its size several years ago, based on local written accounts. I went there to fill in … Continue reading The Disappearing Island

Many Moons Comes Home

Mainship Many Moons returned today to her homeport of Huron Bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, with Jeff's son Josh and grandson Jaxtyn on board for the final leg. It was a big family event and milestone for the three of them. Congrats to three generations! The Great Loop, plus. Done. I've seen this kind of … Continue reading Many Moons Comes Home

Return to Munising

As Mainship Many Moons continues her journey homeward through Lake Superior, we are reminded of the beauty and also the moodiness of all the Great Lakes, and this one in particular - the largest of the five. (Will I miss sunrise on the water? Yes. Yes, I will. Not so much the early wake-ups that … Continue reading Return to Munising

The Soo & Whitefish Pt. (Replay)

I write tonight from chilly and foggy Whitefish Point, infamous for the nearby sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which juts out like a claw into Lake Superior. A foghorn blasts loudly nearby. We were here exactly 11 months ago -- on August 5, 2021 -- just six days into this grand adventure. How strange to … Continue reading The Soo & Whitefish Pt. (Replay)

Crossing The Wake

It's hard to take in, that moment when you cross your wake and complete the 6,000-mile waterway tour-of-the-U.S. called The Great Loop. Such mixed feelings! Behind you (well, behind me anyway), months of diverse experiences and emotions. So much delight and even thrill but also, sometimes, discouragement. Such determination but also, sometimes, doubt. Dozens of … Continue reading Crossing The Wake

Almost an Island

Presque Isle is French for "almost an island." That's sort of like a boat on The Great Loop, isn't it! Seems like every state with a large lake has a Presque Isle. We are at the one on the Sunrise Coast of Michigan, on the NE corner of the Lower Peninsula. It's called the Sunrise … Continue reading Almost an Island

Close to Closing

We're just 100 miles or so from De Tour Village in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where the Mainship Many Moons will close the loop -- i.e., finish The Great Loop -- and then continue a few hundred more miles to her home port. Loopers call this closing of the loop "crossing your wake" because when a … Continue reading Close to Closing