Caloosahatchee (Day 125+)

What a fun name to say. Ka-loose-ah-hat-chee. About 2,800 miles into her journey, Many Moons rests awhile now in this river in southwest Florida which is part of the Okeechobee Waterway. She will spend the next few weeks in port there, at the WP Franklin Campground. First Mate Tom left the boat today, on schedule, … Continue reading Caloosahatchee (Day 125+)

East To Fort Myers (Day 124)

Sometimes you deserve a nice breakfast that's made by somebody else. Even better if it's in a famous-yet-quirky restaurant that's warmly decorated for Christmas. Many Moons left the west coast of Florida today and headed east, but not before its crew treated themselves to a memorable meal in a memorable place. Cabbage Key Inn and … Continue reading East To Fort Myers (Day 124)

Cayo Costa & Cabbage (Day 123)

This was the "day of the "C's" for Many Moons. Cayo Costa. Cabbage Cay (Key). Such colorful names on Florida's southwestern coast! That's where Jeff and Tom ended up after leaving Sarasota on Many Moons and traveling about 52 miles. They took some well-deserved time off to explore the beauty of two islands in Pine … Continue reading Cayo Costa & Cabbage (Day 123)

Back In The ICW (Day 121)

Since we left them three days ago, Jeff and Tom have practically sprinted -- if a trawler can "sprint" - farther south along Florida's west coast. They have re-entered the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and continue to anchor out, testing how long the water tank and grocery supplies will hold out. Here are a few photos … Continue reading Back In The ICW (Day 121)

Manatees & Crab Pots (Day 120)

Yesterday, manatees. Today, crab pots. Florida in late November! I write this on Sunday night from the small town of Cedar Key, about 30 miles north of Crystal River. The boat is almost 100 miles away, as I move north while Many Moons heads south. But I got to see her, and "the guys," one … Continue reading Manatees & Crab Pots (Day 120)

Anchoring 10 Miles Out (Days 118-19)

Many Moons spent Thanksgiving night at anchor, 10 miles off-shore. Huh?? Yup! That's how shallow it is off Florida's north-west coast. Just 15 feet deep. I wasn't there, of course. (See previous post.) Jeff sent me these photos as I waited in Carrabelle to meet my Michigan friends and my car. But I can't seem … Continue reading Anchoring 10 Miles Out (Days 118-19)

Missing The Boat (Day 117)

Many Moons is crossing the Gulf of Mexico today without me. My choice. But it still feels odd. How strange to watch her pull away from the dock in the pre-dawn! I worry. I feel adrift. Unmoored, as it were! So, I write. Because it anchors me. 😉 I did need to leave the boat … Continue reading Missing The Boat (Day 117)

Carrabelle (Day 116)

This is stop #63 for Mainship Many Moons, berthed at The Moorings in Carrabelle near the east end of Florida's panhandle. Next: Across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida's west coast, with a new First Mate. We wish Skipper Jeff well as he continues on The Great Loop! I'm taking a hiatus to return home … Continue reading Carrabelle (Day 116)

Gateway To The Gulf (Day 115)

Arrival, Carrabelle! This port town of 2,800 is known as the Gateway to the Gulf. From here, boaters doing The Great Loop (who are known as Loopers) prepare for "the crossing" ... into the Gulf of Mexico, to Florida's west coast. Here, we ended our exploration of the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway. Arrival here is a … Continue reading Gateway To The Gulf (Day 115)

Apalachicola (Days 113-14)

What a fun stop this has been, coming just before the next big "Loop" event. After three nights in this small port town (population about 2,000) in northwestern Florida, Many Moons will push eastward to Carrabelle, which is the jumping-off point for nearly all Loopers to head across the Gulf of Mexico. That gulf crossing … Continue reading Apalachicola (Days 113-14)