A Journey of Many Moons

Mainship Many Moons completed The Great Loop, America's great boating adventure, in July 2022. This year she will stay mostly on land while the Skipper and First Mate build a waterfront "dirt home" on Lake Superior. We miss the boat and love sharing the adventure. Here is a slide show, in PDF form, about The … Continue reading A Journey of Many Moons

Biking Holland (Pt. 2)

It's the most densely populated country in Europe and each household owns about four bikes. So it got crowded at times, especially in town squares and at intersections. But everyone was so polite, giving way to each other. I guess you have to be when you're packed closely together. We who live in the urban … Continue reading Biking Holland (Pt. 2)

Biking Holland (Pt. 1)

Holland is flat, they said. Biking there will be easy-peasy! Well, um.... They aren't big hills, it's true. But after fighting strong winds for hours -- 25-30 mph, sustained -- they felt big! The conditions were uncommonly rough, our guide said. (If you haven't biked for more than a few minutes into a strong headwind, … Continue reading Biking Holland (Pt. 1)

Sailing Holland

What comes to mind when someone mentions Holland? Tulips, canals, famous artists? For us, today, it meant sailing. After helping the small crew raise three huge sails, we felt our three-masted schooner rock gently underfoot. Soon we were scooting briskly downwind with a following sea. Texel, here we come! Texel is an island north of … Continue reading Sailing Holland

Cabin-Less Camp

The word "camp" means different things to different people. Loners or groups? Tent or cabin? As with almost everything, the meaning you attach depends on one's personal experience. And the meaning is changing for me. For now, Camp Many Moons remains cabin-less. In the five years since I spent 50K for this 300-foot waterfront lot, … Continue reading Cabin-Less Camp

Stuck in Snow

No, not in a car. On a snowmobile. Yup, stuck. It happens if you go off-trail into dense woods as the snow turns to mush. It happened to us. It started out fun. Two maneuverable little snowmobiles, heading out from Jeff's camp on a spring-like day with him in the lead. I grew up on … Continue reading Stuck in Snow

Gliding on Snow

If snow-shoeing is walking on snow, cross-country skiing is gliding on it. If you're skilled, it's more like a kick-then-glide. (If you're really skilled, you also use a skating style. I mostly glide.) Nowadays, it's considered the best cardiovascular exercise because it works the entire body. In the past, it was considered a form of … Continue reading Gliding on Snow

Walking on Snow

The trick to walking on snow is the right footwear. When it's deep, snowshoes are the answer -- at least if you want to get into the woods. And why wouldn't you? Snow-shoeing is great for the body and the mind. My urban friends ask me why I come up here to the frozen north … Continue reading Walking on Snow