Biding Time in the Marshes

Many Moons has extended her stay in the small town of Darien, Ga. in the salt-marsh tide-creek ecosystem, as this coastal region is called. The other Looping boat near us has done the same. We've entered days of projected rain and winds, with conditions worse north of us. Weather delays are expected on The Loop. … Continue reading Biding Time in the Marshes

Georgia! (State #10)

Fog. Crab pots. Boat wakes. Did I mention fog? But today's early challenges were quickly forgotten when Many Moons arrived this afternoon in her 10th state since leaving Lake Superior last summer. Hello, Georgia! Hello, Cumberland Island! This is also our 6th night "off the grid," meaning without electricity or water hook-up. That's a new … Continue reading Georgia! (State #10)

To the Atlantic

The New Year brings a new coastline for the Mainship Many Moons. More than 3,000 miles into her journey, she is anchored tonight near Cape Canaveral on the east coast of Florida. Jeff and Josh have travelled 160 miles, crossing the state of Florida from west to east via the Okeechobee Waterway. Their adventures have … Continue reading To the Atlantic

Heartland History (Day 42)

One of our goals for The Great Loop is to get to know America better, and remember its history. We have entered "America's heartland." We are in Ottowa, Ill., the site of the first Lincoln-Douglas debate. Seven debates took place between the two men vying for the Republican nomination. Abe Lincoln won and became one … Continue reading Heartland History (Day 42)

When Your Christmas Gift is a Tool

December 25, 2018. How do you know your partner is more practical than romantic? When he gives you tools for Christmas! Loppers, in this case. Loppers are a type of scissors used for pruning, or "lopping," twigs and small branches. These are the sturdy Fiskar brand, and I know they will withstand tough jobs. It's … Continue reading When Your Christmas Gift is a Tool