WWMD? Honoring a Legacy

The kindest face I know (Note: This is posted under "Reflections." If you want to read about the boat only, click "The Boat" from the menu above.) She died on Christmas morning. In her bed. After writing a message on her blackboard in perfect penmanship. A perfect exit, you might say. That was 3+ weeks … Continue reading WWMD? Honoring a Legacy

To the Atlantic

The New Year brings a new coastline for the Mainship Many Moons. More than 3,000 miles into her journey, she is anchored tonight near Cape Canaveral on the east coast of Florida. Jeff and Josh have travelled 160 miles, crossing the state of Florida from west to east via the Okeechobee Waterway. Their adventures have … Continue reading To the Atlantic

All is Calm….

Many Moons is anchored out tonight in the Lake Okeechobee Waterway (OWW) after traveling 58 miles, as father and son prepare to celebrate Christmas together in southern Florida. All is calm, and probably bright, since the moon is at 80%. For this we are grateful, after our last posting about high winds! It was not … Continue reading All is Calm….

A New Room For Many Moons

Jeff has always been good at bartering - exchanging goods or services without using cash. He's also a mechanical whiz. Now, Many Moons has a new "room" and Beachfront has a more mechanically-sound boat. Everyone's happy with the transaction. As I give this update, Jeff is anchored out alone near Fort Myers, Fla., in heavy … Continue reading A New Room For Many Moons

Alone? Not Quite! (Day 135)

Where is Many Moons now? People want to know! When we last checked in with Skipper Jeff, he was saying good-bye to Tom, who spent more than a week on board. Since then, Jeff has been alone at a small marina/campground on the Caloosahatchee River, Florida. Well, not quite alone! Jeff has a way of … Continue reading Alone? Not Quite! (Day 135)

Caloosahatchee (Day 125+)

What a fun name to say. Ka-loose-ah-hat-chee. About 2,800 miles into her journey, Many Moons rests awhile now in this river in southwest Florida which is part of the Okeechobee Waterway. She will spend the next few weeks in port there, at the WP Franklin Campground. First Mate Tom left the boat today, on schedule, … Continue reading Caloosahatchee (Day 125+)

The Hidden Coast (Cedar Key)

If you advertise something as "hidden," is it still hidden? Same thing with "forgotten." If you market it as such, it won't be forgotten for long! These are the silly thoughts that occupy my mind during long road trips alone. Since leaving the Mainship Many Moons, I've traveled at least 1,200 miles by car. That's … Continue reading The Hidden Coast (Cedar Key)

East To Fort Myers (Day 124)

Sometimes you deserve a nice breakfast that's made by somebody else. Even better if it's in a famous-yet-quirky restaurant that's warmly decorated for Christmas. Many Moons left the west coast of Florida today and headed east, but not before its crew treated themselves to a memorable meal in a memorable place. Cabbage Key Inn and … Continue reading East To Fort Myers (Day 124)

Cayo Costa & Cabbage (Day 123)

This was the "day of the "C's" for Many Moons. Cayo Costa. Cabbage Cay (Key). Such colorful names on Florida's southwestern coast! That's where Jeff and Tom ended up after leaving Sarasota on Many Moons and traveling about 52 miles. They took some well-deserved time off to explore the beauty of two islands in Pine … Continue reading Cayo Costa & Cabbage (Day 123)