Winter at the Shore

Most people like to visit the shore in summer only. I’m one of those oddballs that likes to visit it in winter, too. There’s far less wildlife, true. But the silence! The subtle hues! See what I mean? Photos and captions below.

The ice is ever-changing on the shoreline of Camp Many Moons on Lake Superior’s Huron Bay. This winter has been oddly balmy so far, so there’s water showing and the ice fishermen have pulled their shacks to shore.
The sun peaks over the horizon as morning arrives on ice-covered Huron Bay. It was warm enough to spend the night in the small waterfront camper, thanks to (see below)….
…a wood stove inside a camper? Yes! This is how I can spend hours in daytime, and sometimes a night, on the shoreline in winter. Jeff made this stove decades ago and installed it in an old camper so we could use it as a warming shed as we started to clear the land. (That was five years ago. In the middle of winter!)
It sure is rough, this little camper. It sometimes sits in water, since its hitch is about a foot from the water’s edge and the water level changes on this bay. (I’m standing on the ice to take this picture.) I hope to replace it soon by a nice lean-to, but will always have affection for this old thing. And Mom would be proud of me, making use of old stuff and stretching my dollars. 😉 Notice how shallow the snow is…so odd for February in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Heavy snows are apparently on the way! Yay.
Huron Bay isn’t the only bay in this area that offers eyeball gifts. This is the head of Keweenaw Bay, about 14 miles away. Read more about Huron Bay here. Read more about Keweenaw Bay here.
Back at Huron Bay, the wind is picking up and the temperature is dropping. The nor’-easter is whistling through the cracks in the little camper as I write. Even the wood stove can’t keep up with the approaching blizzard, so guess I’ll head for warmer shelter….

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