Memory Gone! Or Full?

It’s one of those fears as you grow older. Am I losing my memory? You lose track of your keys and — BAM! — the fear jumps up again.

My memory is intact…I think. (I can’t remember how I know that. 😉 ) But this blog’s memory is gone. Or, rather, full. Might that be what happens as you age? So many memories in one’s brain, the latest ones just spill out. It’s not loss – it’s overabundance!

That’s why it’s been weeks since I’ve posted. I thought it was an issue with my phone, which I use to post while on travel. I waited until I could sit in front my home PC to try again. Same issue. I can’t upload photos until I buy more memory, and what’s a blog post without photos? That’s the thing about technology. It gives us so many gifts, and more than a few frustrations! Sort of like relationships. Life is just like that…a mixed bag. Thank goodness, or else it would be boring.

I hope you stay tuned while I fix this problem. I have several posts in draft form, waiting to be “born.” Traveling within a week from the cold north to the moderate east to the dry west. Living in a tent while attending a wedding. Learning to use the spices and oils I brought back from Egypt. (Will lettuce oil really help me lose weight? 😉 ) Trying to absorb “the lessons from The Loop.” And, trying to germinate seeds from Northern White Cedar – because they’re dying off at Camp Many Moons, and I’m determined to replace a few. It’ll take years just to get viable saplings and the prognosis isn’t good. If I do get any into the ground, the deer will try to eat them. But if I can grow even a few from the tiny seeds that I’m harvesting right now, how satisfying that will be! In this case, I don’t need to see the final results…a 60-foot tree that could live hundreds of years. Sometimes, planting the seed is enough, knowing someone else will reap the final benefits.

Which reminds me. I’m resolved to plant more seeds of kindness, in whatever way is possible in the moment, even if I don’t see the results. I hope you join me in this resolve, because haven’t we had enough of caustic blame-throwing? Yup, I thought so. So glad we agree on that! Onward, friends, remembering that life is short, friendships are precious, and we are all more alike than not.

5 thoughts on “Memory Gone! Or Full?

  1. Thanks for posting! Been missing you. Good luck with your picture problem. I know I’ll need help with that issue when I’m reviewing and editing my picture memories after this trip is over. Just don’t forget those of us out here who like to hear from you!

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    1. Sweet to hear from you too! I’m speaking at church this Sunday about the the loop and its spiritual lessons. It’s prompted me to start going through all those photos systematically. Much to learn… about how to edit, store, label, etcetera. Not my 1st time but it’s been many years!


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