Sauna Sadness – History’s Mist

August 28, 2018. Old wood-fired saunas carry memories, and I was washed with them as I bid a final bittersweet farewell to this sauna and the farmhouse next to it. Both were built by my Finnish-immigrant grandparents. This is where 21 children were born, created from the same parents. (Three died in infancy.) This is … Continue reading Sauna Sadness – History’s Mist

From Navy Captain to Yooper Girl

December 20, 2017. I'm about to purchase a rough and undeveloped patch of land on the waterfront of Huron Bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (U.P.). It's so rough that we can barely walk through it...lumpy and wet and thick with underbrush and fallen branches and rotting logs. Jeff is my partner in this adventure and … Continue reading From Navy Captain to Yooper Girl