When Your Christmas Gift is a Tool

December 25, 2018. How do you know your partner is more practical than romantic? When he gives you tools for Christmas! Loppers, in this case. Loppers are a type of scissors used for pruning, or “lopping,” twigs and small branches. These are the sturdy Fiskar brand, and I know they will withstand tough jobs. It’s a perfect gift for a woman who just purchased an overgrown plot of land and wants it to be a DIY project. The handles extend about two feet, which will be important for my short arms. I’m 5-foot-2, and that limits what I can physically accomplish. But as anyone who has overcome anything knows, determination can go a long way toward filling a physical gap. The right tools help too! I’m grateful to live at a time when humanity has developed so many useful tools – physical, medical, electronic, and even spiritual ones. Life is easier and more rich when you have the right tools, and know how and when to use them.

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