Kayaks – Not Just for Recreation

May 24, 2020. A kayak isn’t just for recreation. Up here in the far north, it’s sometimes transportation. We paddled across Huron Bay today, to the tiny Ravine River, to get a few groceries at The Trading Post on Skanee Road. The tiny store is a short walk from the river. It feels good to be in a kayak for the first time this year!

Although I’ve been out in the rowboat several times, it’s been too chilly and too windy for enjoyable kayaking. The nor-easter was blowing today, requiring a hard pull to the left with each stroke to stay on course. A white-cap spilled over into my kayak. I was glad to get to the inlet and realized how soft my core has become over the winter. Even though I’ve been pulling trees and piling brush and making wood piles, my abs are feeling it. If I want to keep up this lifestyle into my 70s, I’d better get back to a daily plank habit! I’m grateful again for the fitness discipline that my Navy career instilled. I enjoy the challenge of any test, and the biannual PT test was no different. I learned that preparation is key. It turned into year-round preparation. And now, I’m preparing to be a fit old lady!

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