Turning Off the Chatter

June 4, 2021 - Sometimes you just need to turn off the words -- and the thoughts. A hammock is a great place for that. Mine swings just feet from the shoreline. Sometimes I come here to read and sometimes to think. If I stay here long enough, the words and thoughts stop...and I just … Continue reading Turning Off the Chatter

Kayaks – Not Just for Recreation

May 24, 2020. A kayak isn't just for recreation. Up here in the far north, it's sometimes transportation. We paddled across Huron Bay today, to the tiny Ravine River, to get a few groceries at The Trading Post on Skanee Road. The tiny store is a short walk from the river. It feels good to … Continue reading Kayaks – Not Just for Recreation

A Rugged Life = A Dirty Life

April 30, 2020. If you're one of those who likes to feel clean all the time, you aren't cut out for the rugged life. Occasionally, I'm not sure I am either. Most days, though, I accept dirt as part of the deal. I feel closer to the earth somehow when I see (and feel) the … Continue reading A Rugged Life = A Dirty Life

Yes, Turkeys Can Fly

April 17, 2020. Wild turkeys visited Camp Many Moons today. They're becoming a common sight around here. They look clumsy and silly on the ground, but surprisingly powerful when they take flight. I remember a college friend who was homely and uncomfortable in his shoes, but beautiful and graceful on the ski slopes. Most animals … Continue reading Yes, Turkeys Can Fly

Spring Snowfall = Beauty

April 14, 2020. I love a new snowfall in the spring. When the sun comes out, everything is so clean and bright -- it makes me feel clean and bright. Camp Many Moons sparkles. Jeff's 1948 Ford Tractor looks even more iconic. The wood piles look more charming. Even the ditch looks inviting. Locals who … Continue reading Spring Snowfall = Beauty

Wildlife – The Consequences

April 10, 2020. Deer scat. Everywhere. Our neighbors feed them daily. I feed them too, sometimes. They like to hang out in our little cedar grove in the winter. I love to see them! But here's the consequence. Deer scat doesn't quickly absorb into helpful fertilizer, as I expected. It stays. And stays. And stays. … Continue reading Wildlife – The Consequences