Dance of the Chimney Log

September 16, 2020. Anyone who’s experienced a good campfire knows how mesmerizing it is. Dancing flames grab the eye and don’t let go. Maybe it goes back to mankind’s early days, when fire was invented. Suddenly, light. Warmth. Comfort. Imagine, back then!

A chimney logs grabs you even harder, and plays a vertical visual symphony. You can’t look away!

A chimney log is a single piece of tree trunk with a rotted center. This creates a kind of wind tunnel – assuming you create a space for air to enter underneath – which directs the flames up through the top and, eventually, around the sides. Waiting until it topples or crumbles is half the fun.

Like clouds, the flames that shoot skyward can grab the imagination as well as the eye. On a chilly night at Camp Many Moons, this chimney sent up a dragon at first. And then? You decide. It’s half the fun! 🙂

(Note: My photos have disappeared; I will replace them when we have another chimney log. Meanwhile, I’ve added a photo of a much-larger fire, when a decrepit farmhouse belonging to a friend was burned down.)

2 thoughts on “Dance of the Chimney Log

  1. I’ve thought about this many times. Fire is entrancing, as is water. Both seem to put our minds at ease. You are fortunate to have both these days.

    Of course, many Californians are not so kindly disposed to fire.


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