Twilight Pinks at Dawn

October 20, 2020. A pink dawn brings thoughts, again, of the in-between’s. The halfway. The middle.

Pink is a middle color, halfway between red and white.

Twilight is a middle time, halfway between daylight and darkness. (It occurs in both morning and evening.)

Morning twilight is referred to as dawn — that first light before sunrise.

This pink dawn is a cold one, about 30 degrees. The camper’s propane-powered heater works overtime to keep me comfortable in my “tin box.” The sun has not yet appeared to warm the waterfront. But the pinkish glow draws me outside anyway, to gawk.

Wow. So soft! So comforting, even in the cold. And so promising — notwithstanding the “red-in-the-morning” warning which, today, signals snow.

It gets me thinking about the state of our nation during this bitter election season. Can’t we focus on the middle a little more? On the white in the “red-white-and-blue?” Recognizing that this is a twilight time, so we all feel a bit off-kilter? Remembering that the sun always comes back, even if we can’t see it yet?

I think of all the people who are suffering from some form of heart sickness…sadness, anger, discouragement. In this pink twilight, I mentally gather them to me. “Come, leave your tin box,” I silently beckon. “A little chill won’t kill us. Sunrise is coming — just wait!”

Something about living almost-outside impels the optimist in me. I’ll be back in an urban environment soon enough, and pessimism may return. But not yet.

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