May 18, 2021 – Here we come! Hello, sun! Hello, people!

Like the fiddleheads (fern fronds) unfurling at Camp Many Moons after a long and chilly spring, my friends scattered throughout the U.S. are gradually emerging from a year of pandemic hibernation to reengage more directly with society. Some are uneasy. Some are hesitant. Most are downright joyous – especially the fully-vaccinated ones.

Here in the rural far-north, where rugged individualism drives many decisions and life is often lived outdoors, the pandemic hasn’t affected personal behavior as much. I’ve just returned north after 3 1/2 months at my urban East Coast home, and I’m struck again at the sense of “two worlds.” I travel often between them. I inhabit both of them. The difference in perspective is still there. Still striking. Still disturbing, for those who observe and ponder.

But. Spring is a time for fresh perspectives, right? Whatever we focus on grows in our experience, right? So it makes sense to focus on similarities rather than differences. It’s not that hard to do.

For starters, it’s spring everywhere. Who doesn’t love spring? At my eastern home, everything is in full bloom. Here at my northern home, the emergence is just beginning.

I get to experience spring twice! No anxiety. No emergency. Just emergence.

Rather, re-emergence. Life is a cycle, in all its forms. Spring 2020 was unpleasant for many of us…a disruptive and distrusting time. But Spring 2021 is brand-new. We get to try again. Look again. Trust again. Emerge again.

Happy emergence!

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