May 18, 2021 - Here we come! Hello, sun! Hello, people! Like the fiddleheads (fern fronds) unfurling at Camp Many Moons after a long and chilly spring, my friends scattered throughout the U.S. are gradually emerging from a year of pandemic hibernation to reengage more directly with society. Some are uneasy. Some are hesitant. Most … Continue reading Re-Emergence

First Flowers & Natural Habitats

May 16, 2020.  The season's first flowering plant brings a "yipee!" in planting zone 5a. It's a long wait! This cheery yellow wildflower, called marsh marigold, is springing up in the low-lying places. Spring arrives so slowly here, each indicator is a little thrill. The ferns are sending up their first curly shoots too.  I love … Continue reading First Flowers & Natural Habitats

Nurturing Plants – And Humans

May 14, 2020.  Spring is so slow to arrive this year. While I never tire of looking at the water, I yearn to dig into the dirt too. Is it finally safe to put in perennials and sprinkle flower seeds?  The weather forecast suggests that our below-freezing nights are finally behind us.  I hope so, … Continue reading Nurturing Plants – And Humans

Spring Snowfall = Beauty

April 14, 2020. I love a new snowfall in the spring. When the sun comes out, everything is so clean and bright -- it makes me feel clean and bright. Camp Many Moons sparkles. Jeff's 1948 Ford Tractor looks even more iconic. The wood piles look more charming. Even the ditch looks inviting. Locals who … Continue reading Spring Snowfall = Beauty

The Dock is Launched!

May 10, 2019. Who "launches" a dock? Yoopers do! Most personal docks in the far north can't withstand crushing ice, so our docks are pulled out of the water in fall and returned to the water in spring. Our dock is 64 feet long and 7 feet wide. Jeff built it on the frame of … Continue reading The Dock is Launched!