In Praise of Rowboats

June 17, 2021 - The humble rowboat ... simple, useful, and underrated. We have many types of watercraft at Camp Many Moons, but my go-to is the rowboat. This one is a "Jon boat," supposedly nick-named that by Scandinavian fishermen. Flat-bottomed and square-bowed, it is stable and light-weight. This makes it easy to launch and … Continue reading In Praise of Rowboats


May 18, 2021 - Here we come! Hello, sun! Hello, people! Like the fiddleheads (fern fronds) unfurling at Camp Many Moons after a long and chilly spring, my friends scattered throughout the U.S. are gradually emerging from a year of pandemic hibernation to reengage more directly with society. Some are uneasy. Some are hesitant. Most … Continue reading Re-Emergence

Of Fishing and Manliness

July 15, 2019. Jeff is a handsome man, especially in his fishing hat. My girlfriends would call him a "manly-man." He's also a fisherman. Well, he dabbles in it, like I dabble in writing-for-fun. He isn't that serious about it. He loves to catch and eat fish, but doesn't plan his time around it like … Continue reading Of Fishing and Manliness

They Picked Us! New Life at Camp

May 29, 2019. A robin made a nest in our outdoor electrical box, and now we are new parents! Jeff made a sturdy wooden box right after we had electricity installed, to protect a group of outlets that feed our camper and utility trailer and outdoor kitchen. He added shelves to hold bug spray, lighter … Continue reading They Picked Us! New Life at Camp

From Tag Elders to Fraser Firs

May 10, 2019. Out with the tag elders, in with the fraser firs! The south end of my waterfront plot, across a small stream bridged by wooden planks, was overgrown with a weedy tree called tag elder. (They should be called "tangle elder," because you get all tangled in their skinny, hungry branches!) We removed … Continue reading From Tag Elders to Fraser Firs

A Husky Wants to Pull!

Jan. 25, 2019.  I tested Roscoe’s Siberian Husky genes today through the use of a harness and 12-foot rope, for a cross-country ski on Huron Bay. A few inches of snow covered the ice, which is perfect for skiing…but without a trail to follow, it was not perfect for mushing!  He wasn’t sure which way … Continue reading A Husky Wants to Pull!

Crackling Fire, Cracking Ice

Jan. 13, 2019.  Who does an outdoor campfire on a snowbound winter night? Hardy northerners do. Because sounds are fewer, they're magnified. The ice is cracking loudly a few feet away while the fire pit crackles away at my feet. And although I can’t hear it, I know the home-made wood stove is also crackling in … Continue reading Crackling Fire, Cracking Ice

The UNpretty Side of Developing

April 20, 2018. My first purchase to start developing Camp Many Moons is a silt fence, so-called to prevent silt from running into public waterways. If you have waterfront, you need to put one of these in place before you start moving dirt around. You need to get familiar with regulations and regulatory agencies and … Continue reading The UNpretty Side of Developing

The First Big Burn

December 26, 2017. Step #1 in land development: clear a space to work. So we clear and burn, clear and burn, with an enthusiasm that surprises me. Is it the day after Christmas? I hardly notice. While others are returning gifts or recovering from big meals, we are chain-sawing and chopping and hauling and heaving … Continue reading The First Big Burn