Cutting Out The Deadwood

If a dead tree wraps around a live one and steals the sunshine, cut it out. If a negative habit (or person) wraps around your core and steals your energy, cut it out too. Life lessons from nature continue at Camp Many Moons on Lake Superior's Huron Bay, five years after I purchased this 300-foot … Continue reading Cutting Out The Deadwood

‘Bye, Mom….

No, I wasn't ready. Is anyone ready to lose their mother? Yes, she was 101. But, no. I still wasn't ready. That's because, until the day of her sudden collapse on Jan. 23, Lempi (Lee) Wilhelmina Simontaival/Simonson Hanson was animated and sharp-witted and funny...and very much loved. And, because I still had so much to … Continue reading ‘Bye, Mom….

Last & Second Chances: Gratitude

November is most known for the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, I'll remember it most for its last and second gardening, paddling, hiking, blading and renewing relationships. I missed the traditional gathering because I was traveling, but received many reminders to be thankful. One doesn't need a big family dinner for that. See examples in … Continue reading Last & Second Chances: Gratitude

Falling Back

Late fall is a time of falling back --- with our clocks, and sometimes our habits. It can feel like back-tracking. It's harder to pull myself off the couch. My mind goes to snacks. The ever-earlier sunset brings a mild sense of dread. I know how this goes and I know what to do: increase … Continue reading Falling Back

Harvesting Seeds

In three months, I might see a tiny sprout. In three years, I might be able to plant it. In three decades, it might look like a tree. By then, I may be dead. But the seeds I've planted will develop roots and grow tall. Eventually, some will create new seeds, and then new trees. … Continue reading Harvesting Seeds

Many Moons Goes To Bed

Our floating home isn't floating any more. After her 6,200-mile journey through 19 states followed by 2+ leisurely months in her home waters, Mainship Many Moons has been lifted from the water at tiny Pequaming Marina on Keweenaw Bay. She still flies the gold burgee that identifies her as a "finisher" of The Great Loop. … Continue reading Many Moons Goes To Bed

The Fence

Our first construction project at Camp Many Moons stretches over 90', rises about 10', and is made of local hemlock. Our fabulous new fence! And we put it up all by ourselves. So satisfying. Why a fence when we live remotely, you ask? Because it isn't that remote. Yes, we have 300 feet of waterfront, … Continue reading The Fence