Cabin-Less Camp

The word "camp" means different things to different people. Loners or groups? Tent or cabin? As with almost everything, the meaning you attach depends on one's personal experience. And the meaning is changing for me. For now, Camp Many Moons remains cabin-less. In the five years since I spent 50K for this 300-foot waterfront lot, … Continue reading Cabin-Less Camp

Walking on Snow

The trick to walking on snow is the right footwear. When it's deep, snowshoes are the answer -- at least if you want to get into the woods. And why wouldn't you? Snow-shoeing is great for the body and the mind. My urban friends ask me why I come up here to the frozen north … Continue reading Walking on Snow

A Kick From Nature

April 24, 2020. In the far north woods, nature can kick you in any season. A late-November storm brought down dozens of trees and cluttered Camp Many Moons with fallen branches and brush. My little patch of heaven is a mess. Cleaning it up is back-breaking work. What would I do without Jeff and his … Continue reading A Kick From Nature

Spring Snowfall = Beauty

April 14, 2020. I love a new snowfall in the spring. When the sun comes out, everything is so clean and bright -- it makes me feel clean and bright. Camp Many Moons sparkles. Jeff's 1948 Ford Tractor looks even more iconic. The wood piles look more charming. Even the ditch looks inviting. Locals who … Continue reading Spring Snowfall = Beauty

When Ice Cracks, Life Emerges

April 1, 2020. This is the view from my camper window as the ice starts to crack open near the shoreline. An otter just scooted by! It must have come up through the crack in the ice. It made me giggle. So smooth in the water, it looks rather clumsy on land. It reminded me … Continue reading When Ice Cracks, Life Emerges

Social Distancing? No Problem Here!

March 11, 2020. At Camp Many Moons, social distancing isn't much of a problem, since there's nobody around! But Jeff went to extremes today to get far away from me. 😉 Actually, we have to walk 30 feet out on the ice to get a signal. That will change when we hook the WiFi back … Continue reading Social Distancing? No Problem Here!