Weeds = Unwanted

May 20, 2020 - Bull thistle. Prickly, annoying, pervasive. I've pulled up buckets and buckets of this stuff. Seeking out the newest ones has become a daily habit. They thrive in disturbed ground, and we are disturbing a lot of ground as we dig up and move dirt from here to there to develop Camp … Continue reading Weeds = Unwanted

First Flowers & Natural Habitats

May 16, 2020.  The season's first flowering plant brings a "yipee!" in planting zone 5a. It's a long wait! This cheery yellow wildflower, called marsh marigold, is springing up in the low-lying places. Spring arrives so slowly here, each indicator is a little thrill. The ferns are sending up their first curly shoots too.  I love … Continue reading First Flowers & Natural Habitats