Biking Holland (Pt. 1)

Holland is flat, they said. Biking there will be easy-peasy! Well, um.... They aren't big hills, it's true. But after fighting strong winds for hours -- 25-30 mph, sustained -- they felt big! The conditions were uncommonly rough, our guide said. (If you haven't biked for more than a few minutes into a strong headwind, … Continue reading Biking Holland (Pt. 1)

Sailing Holland

What comes to mind when someone mentions Holland? Tulips, canals, famous artists? For us, today, it meant sailing. After helping the small crew raise three huge sails, we felt our three-masted schooner rock gently underfoot. Soon we were scooting briskly downwind with a following sea. Texel, here we come! Texel is an island north of … Continue reading Sailing Holland