The Compost Toilet (Not Outhouse!)

August 15, 2018. When developing land (or living on boat), one faces the need to manage essential human processes. I’m a former back-packer who doesn’t mind doing her business in the woods if necessary, but that won’t work here. We’re a far cry from building a septic system or a cabin. So what to do? Thanks to a suggestion from an outdoors-y older sister and the handiness of my partner Jeff, we found the perfect solution for Camp Many Moons.

This is a compost toilet, housed within a former hunting blind/kids’ playhouse. Jeff built this sturdy structure many years ago and it was rotting away in the woods. After chasing out the ants, gluing gaps, painting (several layers), and adding a few larger windows (with curtains), it became an ideal toilet-house. Just don’t call it an outhouse, which evokes some very bad memories! Surprisingly, it’s completely odorless. After weeks of research and reading reviews, I chose the one called Nature’s Head. It’s not cheap – close to $1,000 – but well worth it. It’s easy to use, easy to empty and easy to clean. (Did I mention “no stink?”) And we can easily move it onto the boat that Jeff plans to buy. This toilet is popular among boat and RV owners, but I don’t know of many who use it at a stationary location. It works for us! I wonder what our guests will think. I should post a tip-sheet on the wall, since there is a small learning curve. I hope my guests are willing to learn. That remains to be seen!

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