Cruisers Come to Visit

Aug. 10, 2018. Cruising boaters are delightful people – cheerful, flexible, hardy and super-organized. That’s especially true of those who visited us today in two C-Dories and a tug. These boats are 25′ or less — sturdy craft, meant for comfort over speed. Their owners are all over 60 years old. All have spent weeks or months at a time on the water. For cruisers, boating is more lifestyle than recreation.

It’s especially heart-warming to welcome the Meri Aura alongside our new dock. Meri Aura means “sea plow” in Finnish. It’s owned by Jeff’s good friends, Hank and Pat Clow, who live in Aura. Pat is a Finn. They are both over 80 and still enjoying life to the fullest.

Our sailboat bobs near the visiting boats, asking to be used. I prefer a sailboat over a motorboat, having spent most of my water-time under sail, but the work to get under way is less appealing with time. Jeff has his heart set on his own comfortable cruiser, and I’m sure it’s going to happen. For now, I’m content to enjoy the view of other motorized boats.

A time to work and a time to watch…

A time to “do” and a time to “be”…

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