Against The Current (Day 58)

Like hitting the brakes.

That’s what it feels like to go against the current after going with it for 20 days.

Post-sunset on the industrial Ohio River.

That’s what happened when we left the Mississippi River and turned left to head up the Ohio. We instantly lost more than half our momentum. We knew it would happen. It still felt weird.

I don’t mind the slower pace. Sometimes The Great Loop seems all about making it to the next destination. It’s too easy to forget that it’s all about the journey. Thanks, Ohio River, for reminding us.

We’re anchored out just eight miles up the Ohio, right on the shoreline but well out of the river traffic. I feel relaxed here. Our anchor line is stretched out with the current rather than fighting against it. I want to be more like that, I think…but I’ve always gone against the current in some ways, in spite of my military past. I seem to challenge the accepted norms — not loudly, but persistently. It’s not a decision. It’s just the way I’m built. It’s exhausting at times. But some norms should be challenged, no? It’s called progress.

Branches and dead carp and occasional garbage float by on the current, reminding us of the upheaval that rivers, and mankind, can cause.

And yet it’s peaceful and beautiful here too.

Today’s journey captured in photos and captions, below.

We passed our largest tug-barge so far, a 5×5. (Five barges across and five deep.) I was grateful that the Mississippi was so wide most of today.
This section of the Mississippi twists and turns so much, we lost track sometimes of our compass direction. At Cairo, Ill., we turned NE up into the Ohio River.
As our five oats turned left into the Ohio, we all felt the immediate slow-down.
Jeff passed by our shipmates on Paradise Falls soon after entering the Ohio, but mostly we kept our “place in line” as we navigated around curves and barges.
Sky Boss followed us all day, its skipper going “single-handed.” (Meaning, he’s doing The Loop all alone. We’ve met several traveling alone like that.)
Who knew that the industrial shore of the Ohio River could look so beautiful? Sunsets can do that.

2 thoughts on “Against The Current (Day 58)

  1. Swimming (boating) against the current – is that like swimming upstream? Sounds like there are times when “going with the flow” isn’t the right thing to do after all!


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