Solar Panels on a Boat? Yes!

August 11, 2020. Are they "green," or just good sense? Both! The new 100-watt solar panels are surprisingly unobtrusive on the aft end of the flybridge. Jeff calls them a "starter kit." He's new to solar power and learns from reading boating blogs. I'm new to all boat power. I'm still learning the connections between … Continue reading Solar Panels on a Boat? Yes!

The Mainship Visits Caribou Island

August 6, 2019. Caribou Island is a gorgeous and convenient place to dock (or camp) at Isle Royal, on the main channel and close to the main entrance/exit for boats traveling to or from the Keweenaw. This is why we chose it for our last night here. This is also why we have plenty of … Continue reading The Mainship Visits Caribou Island

Launching Mainship Many Moons

July 17, 2019. The Mainship Many Moons is ready for launch! Jeff bought this used 34-foot trawler last fall and spent months documenting it, renaming it, and refurbishing it in his yard. Today, it goes into the water. Exciting! This milestone launches Jeff's dream also. He hopes to do The Great Loop in this boat. … Continue reading Launching Mainship Many Moons

Cruisers Come to Visit

Aug. 10, 2018. Cruising boaters are delightful people - cheerful, flexible, hardy and super-organized. That's especially true of those who visited us today in two C-Dories and a tug. These boats are 25' or less -- sturdy craft, meant for comfort over speed. Their owners are all over 60 years old. All have spent weeks … Continue reading Cruisers Come to Visit