Under Way, Making Way!

June 9, 2021 - Here in the far north, boating season is under way - but not quite making way. Huh? "Under way" means a vessel is free to move-- in other words, has left the dock or anchorage. "Making way" means it's actually moving, under its own power. (I learned this on board Navy … Continue reading Under Way, Making Way!

The Mainship Arrives at Camp

August 26, 2019. We docked Mainship Many Moons at Camp Many Moons today for the first time. It was nerve-wracking to bring it alongside, as we knew it would be a tight fit. We have just three feet of water at mid-dock and the keel requires at least that much. As we approached, I stood … Continue reading The Mainship Arrives at Camp

The Mainship Visits Caribou Island

August 6, 2019. Caribou Island is a gorgeous and convenient place to dock (or camp) at Isle Royal, on the main channel and close to the main entrance/exit for boats traveling to or from the Keweenaw. This is why we chose it for our last night here. This is also why we have plenty of … Continue reading The Mainship Visits Caribou Island

The Mainship Visits Belle Isle

August 5, 2019. Belle Isle is a former resort on Isle Royal, in Lake Superior. Isle Royal is 56 miles from the Michigan mainland, 18 miles from Minnesota, and 15 miles from Canada. Yet a resort opened here in 1912. Imagine! We got here by comfortable trawler. I wonder how "tourists" got here in those … Continue reading The Mainship Visits Belle Isle

Bound for Isle Royal! Mainship Many Moons’ Maiden Voyage

August 2, 2019. Jeff is the captain of the Mainship Many Moons. For her maiden voyage, he chose a night-crossing of Lake Superior, to the remote national park called Isle Royal. I'm uneasy about this but trust his judgment and his knowledge of the boat. I know the sea is calmer at night, and lots … Continue reading Bound for Isle Royal! Mainship Many Moons’ Maiden Voyage

Christening Mainship Many Moons

July 19, 2019. The Mainship Many Moons was christened and commissioned today. Quite a fuss for a recreational vessel? Yep. But it was fun, and all tongue-in-cheek. During my Navy career, I attended a few such events and even helped plan one (the recommissioning of the battleship USS Missouri in 1986), so I couldn't resist … Continue reading Christening Mainship Many Moons

Launching Mainship Many Moons

July 17, 2019. The Mainship Many Moons is ready for launch! Jeff bought this used 34-foot trawler last fall and spent months documenting it, renaming it, and refurbishing it in his yard. Today, it goes into the water. Exciting! This milestone launches Jeff's dream also. He hopes to do The Great Loop in this boat. … Continue reading Launching Mainship Many Moons