Sail or Sell? Into the Deep South (Day 82)

So, we had a relaxed cruise on the Tombigbee Waterway and we're coming into our next marina at Columbus, Miss. This marina is just before our next lock, but it's not visible from the river. The sweet guy working there is kindly guiding us in. "Just look for the yellow sail right in front of … Continue reading Sail or Sell? Into the Deep South (Day 82)

Of Locks and Logs (Day 81)

We are anchored tonight in front of a lock -- a first for us. We're here because our first and second options were blocked by submerged and semi-submerged logs. That's the thing about boating. You have to expect the unexpected, and leave options open. We're staring at the Aberdeen Lock, maybe 600 feet away, on … Continue reading Of Locks and Logs (Day 81)

Into The Tombigbee (Days 79-80)

Fog. Cold. Spiders. Long straightaways. Three locks in one day. And yet, quite fun! We've entered the man-made segment of the inland waterway section of The Great Loop, heading downstream again for the first time in 20 days. It's the most relaxing part of the trip so far - notwithstanding a cold morning without heat, … Continue reading Into The Tombigbee (Days 79-80)

Shiloh (Day 78)

Cannonball pile I remember the day I realized that the Civil War is not "just history." I was in my early 30s, still on active duty and based on the East Coast. Being a born explorer, I began to explore the many battlefields in the area -- not because battles interest me but because history … Continue reading Shiloh (Day 78)

To Pickwick (Days 76-77)

The track of Many Moons. Today, we touched Mississippi and Alabama. Tonight, we're on the border of Alabama and Tennessee. Lately, we're not sure which state we're in! Stop #48 of Many Moons' journey to the deep south finds us near the intersection of three states, at Grand Harbor Marina just off Pickwick Lake. When … Continue reading To Pickwick (Days 76-77)

Clifton to Snake Creek (Days 74-75)

Many Moons leaves Clifton, Tenn. We are putting some miles on now -- nearly 60 miles yesterday (from Birdsong Creek to Clifton) and nearly 40 today (from Clifton to Snake Creek). In a boat that goes 8 mph comfortably on flat water, pushing against a 2-3 mph current, that counts as distance. That 60-mile day … Continue reading Clifton to Snake Creek (Days 74-75)

Into Tennessee (Days 72-73)

Bible verses and Trump flags and a southern drawl. That's what I'm noticing more of now. (And ruins in the river.) Maybe it's because of where we stayed last night. Mooring Cells in Tennessee River, used to secure barges. We are in Tennessee, more than 1,500 miles from our start in Keweenaw Bay on Lake … Continue reading Into Tennessee (Days 72-73)

Paris Landing (Day 71)

Not every day on The Great Loop is a great day. Just like life on land, there are days you just sort of get through, and wonder when it will become fun again. There are days when your heart can't receive the beauty that your eyes do, and you wonder when you will be "fully … Continue reading Paris Landing (Day 71)

Panther Bay (Day 70)

Tonight, I'm not upset that darkness falls so early as I sit on the fly bridge to watch meteors fall in the sky above, and a star-beam compete with a moon-beam in the water below. I don't know if I've ever seen a star-beam before! I've seen just one meteor so far, but still. All … Continue reading Panther Bay (Day 70)

Sugar Bay to KenLake (Day 69)

Sometimes you start a thing for one reason and keep doing it for another. I joined the Navy to see the world and stayed to serve the people. I started The Loop to support Jeff's goal and have stayed ... well, for more than one reason, but one of them is a morning like today's, … Continue reading Sugar Bay to KenLake (Day 69)