The Dock is Launched!

May 10, 2019. Who “launches” a dock? Yoopers do! Most personal docks in the far north can’t withstand crushing ice, so our docks are pulled out of the water in fall and returned to the water in spring. Our dock is 64 feet long and 7 feet wide. Jeff built it on the frame of a house trailer and added six legs that anchor it to the bottom of the bay. (And wheels to get it in and out, of course.) He also built the picnic table that will soon sit at the end of it.

Launching a dock this size requires a tractor. Jeff has that. Building it required carpentry and welding skills, plus an ability to visualize the result you want and then create it. Jeff that those too. I admire the so-called “craftsman” skills. They seem more rare than they used to be. It’s more common now to buy what you want rather than make it. Have we lost something there?

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