They Picked Us! New Life at Camp

May 29, 2019. A robin made a nest in our outdoor electrical box, and now we are new parents! Jeff made a sturdy wooden box right after we had electricity installed, to protect a group of outlets that feed our camper and utility trailer and outdoor kitchen. He added shelves to hold bug spray, lighter fluid, etc. Now look, a delightful new use.

The electrical box sits only 10 feet from the camper, so I feel honored that mama-robin chose this place. She must feel safe here. Well, why not? I feel safe here. How fun to watch new life arrive at Camp Many Moons. It seems to reflect my own new beginning. I hope these newborns come back after they’ve learned to fly. I hope they consider this their home. Maybe they’ll even bring a new generation. The cycle of life continues for us all…

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