Launching Mainship Many Moons

July 17, 2019. The Mainship Many Moons is ready for launch! Jeff bought this used 34-foot trawler last fall and spent months documenting it, renaming it, and refurbishing it in his yard. Today, it goes into the water. Exciting! This milestone launches Jeff’s dream also. He hopes to do The Great Loop in this boat. But first, it needs to be towed from his home to the historic Pequaming Marina. It’s only three miles, but this boat is big! (Jeff’s last boat was 20 feet so this is a huge step up.)

Jeff’s brother tows the boat behind his diesel truck while Jeff rides on top of it (moving some overhead lines out of the way en route), and his son drives behind with lights flashing. I dash ahead in my car, jumping out at intersections to warn any oncoming motorists.

The marina owner puts the boat into the boat lift for its short trip to the sea. The process is surprisingly efficient, but then the marina owner is used to this. I’m not, and am thrilled to ride on the boat as it’s lifted in heavy canvas slings and slowly lowered into the water.

And….we’re launched! Jeff is thrilled. I am too, but this is more his dream than mine. My dream is my camp, of the same name. Jeff has helped me to make that happen. I owe it to him to make this happen. Plus, it’s fun. Next step: plan a simple — and perhaps slightly silly — “commissioning / christening.” I’m a Navy officer, so that part will be easy for me. For now, we breathe a sigh of relief that Many Moons is safely in the water. Ahoy, mates!

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