The Mainship Arrives at Camp

August 26, 2019. We docked Mainship Many Moons at Camp Many Moons today for the first time. It was nerve-wracking to bring it alongside, as we knew it would be a tight fit. We have just three feet of water at mid-dock and the keel requires at least that much. As we approached, I stood ready with bow-line in hand, ready to either jump off or push off, depending on progress. As you can see, it fit. Just!

I love looking out from the camper to see the boat there, even though it interrupts the view. I love paddling by to look at the big logo on the stern, and the sturdy little dingy floating there. This joins Jeff’s dream (the boat) and mine (the camp). These dreams will always compete, somewhat — but here, for awhile, they are seamlessly joined.

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