Storms of Nature, and Democracy

Nov 30, 2019. Some storms announce themselves loudly and some sneak up on you–kind of like elections (fanfare) and mass protests (sneak-up). Both are caused by atmospheric instability and both change the landscape. The Thanksgiving 2019 storm was a bit of both — expected, but more fierce than was forecast. It was the storm of 18s: it left 18 inches of snow on the ground, took our power for 18 hours, and took down at least 18 trees at Camp Many Moons. It also be-headed many more trees, meaning only the top three or four feet fell off. Fortunately, the tree-top that fell on top of the camper left no obvious damage, and the tree that fell in front of it landed — improbably! — in the narrow gap between camper and hitch.

On the road leading to camp, a tree still lies across the power line, days later.

We will have a lot of cleanup to do next spring. It makes me wonder a little about my choice of vacation getaways! It also reminds me that storms are a necessary part of nature–and perhaps of democracy too. Sigh. Clean up and begin again.

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