Social Distancing? No Problem Here!

March 11, 2020. At Camp Many Moons, social distancing isn’t much of a problem, since there’s nobody around! But Jeff went to extremes today to get far away from me. 😉 Actually, we have to walk 30 feet out on the ice to get a signal. That will change when we hook the WiFi back up in the camper, a week or two from now.

I realize how fortunate I am to be “stuck in quarantine” at Camp Many Moons. My visit is already extended, and will likely be extended several more times. As the world is getting used to a new phrase and learning how to visualize a six-foot distance and grappling with an unseen new threat, we feel lucky to be so isolated. I come here for emotional refuge, but now it’s a physical refuge too. Odd…

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