A Husky’s Nature – Human Nature

May 10, 2020.  All species have their own nature, don’t they? And Siberian Huskies need to run. I found a new way to exercise him at camp: let him “pull” the four-wheeler!  He took to it quickly and loves to go into a full-on gallop (something he can’t do when we ski together). I worry he’ll stop suddenly and I’ll run over him, but he stays clear and to the side.  I let him stop for a pee (or poop), and remember that sled dogs learn to poop as they run. Well, we aren’t working, or even “training.”  We’re allowed to just have fun!  What freedom it is to know that. As I recognize and accept Roscoe’s nature, I wonder again about human nature.  How does it explain the current state of our nation, our world? It’s too depressing to contemplate.  So, today, I won’t.  Let’s go, Roscoe! Mush!

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