A Husky’s Nature – Human Nature

May 10, 2020.  All species have their own nature, don’t they? And Siberian Huskies need to run. I found a new way to exercise him at camp: let him “pull” the four-wheeler!  He took to it quickly and loves to go into a full-on gallop (something he can't do when we ski together). I worry … Continue reading A Husky’s Nature – Human Nature

A Husky on a SUP? Yes!

July 15, 2019. I love this dog! Roscoe is Jeff's dog, not mine, but you wouldn't know that to watch us together. I'm his favorite playmate and proud of it! We've gone hiking, biking, roller-blading, skiing, snow-shoeing, rowing--and now, paddle boarding. I didn't see this one coming because he's not crazy about the water. He … Continue reading A Husky on a SUP? Yes!

A Husky Wants to Pull!

Jan. 25, 2019.  I tested Roscoe’s Siberian Husky genes today through the use of a harness and 12-foot rope, for a cross-country ski on Huron Bay. A few inches of snow covered the ice, which is perfect for skiing…but without a trail to follow, it was not perfect for mushing!  He wasn’t sure which way … Continue reading A Husky Wants to Pull!