A Rugged Life = A Dirty Life

April 30, 2020. If you’re one of those who likes to feel clean all the time, you aren’t cut out for the rugged life. Occasionally, I’m not sure I am either. Most days, though, I accept dirt as part of the deal. I feel closer to the earth somehow when I see (and feel) the earth on my body. As we clean up the mess from last winter’s storm and clear out the space for the septic system…while the snow and ice is still melting…mud is our constant companion. I know that the mud will become life-giving earth. I’m grateful for mud-boots. I’m grateful for sturdy leather gloves. I’m grateful for this bright-pink jacket that protected me as a ski shell on many beautiful slopes and now has a second purpose. (I’ll be grateful to clean up, too!)

I remember playing in mud-puddles as a kid. Didn’t we all do that? At some point, we “grow out of” the fun of being dirty. I guess I’m not grown up yet. I wonder when that’ll happen??

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