Fog Bank

Do you ever have a “foggy head” that isn’t caused by illness? You know, that feeling when you can’t quite focus. Sometimes it’s dense and oppressive, and sometimes wispy and fleeting.

This fog bank on Huron Bay was dense but fleeting. That’s because Huron Bay is long and narrow, bordered by hills on both sides, and anchored to the mighty Lake Superior. Weather moves through on wings.

My brain is like this weather as we try to proceed with a cabin at Camp Many Moons. So many permits, delays, complications, and costs. (I’m not using a general contractor so I’m bringing many of these complications on myself.)

Sometimes the joy of DIY is overtaken by the stress of it. I get stuck in a fog of indecision and frustration. I need a decision matrix! I want results!

But, like the fog bank on Huron Bay, it lifts … when I remember that I’m in this for the process as much as the results. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Since when do I like “easy??”

And fog is, after all, just a low-lying cloud. No need to make it more dramatic than that.

I hope I remember I said that the next time black flies buzz me while I’m deep into mud. 😉

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