Shifting Sands

On the south end of Camp Many Moons, the waterfront is interrupted by a small inlet. The waters of Huron Bay ebb and flow here. The sand does, too.

Sand is a remarkable medium, both adaptable and resilient. It shifts as nature or humans require, never losing its elemental nature even as its appearances changes. On the waterfront, it gives us wide sandy beaches one day and narrow rock-strewn beaches the next. On the building site, it’s giving us the foundation for a cabin — 30 dump truck loads, so far!

We talk about shifting sands as a negative, synonymous with “unpredictable.” I am seeing something else, though. Something adaptable and resilient. I can learn something from sand …

2 thoughts on “Shifting Sands

  1. Happy Birthday Mary, yesterday — your Many Moons written blog and pictures are both inspiring and confirming for all of us who are privileged to live in the UP and especially near or on Keweenaw Bay. I have read all of them. Your writing ability is superb. Your audience needs to be expanded among those of us here and among visitors to the UP. Your reflections on the the worth of entering this place of towering timers, rock and boulders, falling river waters, a Superior sea – and yes, sand – to find awareness, solace, and inner introspection are inspiring.


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