A Fair Deal!

Fourteen bucks to stay in the most charming canal town ever? I call that a deal!

Fairport N.Y., our sixth stop on the Erie Canal at Mile Marker 246, was the best yet. This town is built around the canal and makes the best of its waterfront. This is also where we met our first of 16 lift bridges that will need to open for us before we reach Buffalo. Locks are still opening for us, too. We went through five more locks in our 38-mile cruise from Clyde to Fairport, including the roughest ones we’ve seen yet. (That makes 31 locks on the canal so far; just four more to go.)

For our $14, we got electricity and water and one of the easiest places to climb on and off the boat. We chummed around with other Loopers and explored the town. This is a place I could stay for a few days. Photos and captions of Many Moons‘ 7th day on the Erie Canal and 316th day on The Great Loop, below.

We passed remains of old stone bridges.
We passed the town of Lyons, which was my first-choice for a stop, but I’m glad we went on to Fairport.
As we enter the western segment of the canal, we are starting to see rental canal boats. They’re cute!
This town makes a point of welcoming boaters. The dockmaster gave us a goody-bag when we arrived with everything from town maps to a book by a local writer to a refrigerator magnet to a package of bandaids.
Watercraft line both sides of the canal in Fairport.
I hope it’s just the building, not its purpose, that is closed. Who buys a huge church, I wonder?
Fairport is known for its Main Street Lift Bridge. Its four corners are at different levels, and no two angles have the same degree. We were looking at this bridge from our waterfront berth.
Many Moons tied up in front of waterfront condos in Fairport.
I took my paddle board out and got this shot of the Main Street Lift Bridge in its “up” position.
The Main Street Lift Bridge is even lit at night. Community pride here, wouldn’t you say?
Map of Erie Canal, showing the start (on right) and end (on left) and our six stops so far.

2 thoughts on “A Fair Deal!

  1. Sorry I got behind in keeping up on your posts. My friend Ellen Coyne (retired Navy, USNA classmate & roommate) lives in Fairport on the canal. She would have hosted you. You went right by her house! Oh well. Next time!!! :-).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You do have a life, after all. 😉 It would have been something to meet her at Fairport. But we were moving through the Erie Canal pretty quickly. A little too quickly for my taste, but had a schedule to keep!


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