Michigan’s Thumb. Yikes.

This post is labelled "yikes" because a "thumb" sounds tame...but wasn't. It's Lake Huron. One of the Great Lakes. It can mess with you. And it did, with us. You probably know that Michigan's Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten. (By now, you also know that the crew of Many Moons is from an … Continue reading Michigan’s Thumb. Yikes.

Lake Erie – The Islands

They call it "Key West of the North." Put-In Bay is a summer playground on South Bass Island, one of four significant islands (and several smaller ones) in western Lake Erie, in the State of Ohio, just a few miles from the Canadian border. I didn't know there were islands in Lake Erie, much less … Continue reading Lake Erie – The Islands

5,500 Miles, Longest Day, State #19

As we enter a 2nd summer on the Great Loop, Mainship Many Moons has passed three more milestones: 5,500 miles under way, 19th state, and longest one-day run ever. Travel on a boat is sometimes measured by such milestones. We are now 235 miles into our carefully-planned westward progress across troublesome Lake Erie - troublesome … Continue reading 5,500 Miles, Longest Day, State #19

Lake Erie Pounds On

What to do when the waves on the lake are as high as 7'? Put the bikes on our little dinghy and row them to shore! Easier said than done, but we figure it out. It's our 4th night in Erie, Pa. and our 2nd night at anchor at Presque Isle State Park but we … Continue reading Lake Erie Pounds On

State #18 & The War of 1812

Did you know that Pennsylvania touches Lake Erie? I didn't. (It borders the lake for 45 miles, at its northwestern tip.) Did you know that the U.S. tried to conquer Canada? I forgot. (It was the main objective of the War of 1812, when the U.S. declared war on Great Britain. Canada was a British … Continue reading State #18 & The War of 1812

The Three Eries

From the Erie Canal, to Lake Erie, to the City of Erie. Three Eries in two days. Tonight, we sit in a marina - our first marina in almost two weeks -- in steamy Erie, Pa. We left the Erie Canal behind yesterday and entered Lake Erie this morning after spending the night at a … Continue reading The Three Eries