Our First Visitors – The Displaced

December 28, 2017. They were here first, the deer. Their trails crisscrossed this land. Before we crashed into their home to make space for ours, this was their winter refuge. This deer seems confused to come across our new road, and more confused still to see my vehicle approach. There I go, ascribing human emotion to a “lower” species of animal! I scold myself, but giggle a bit. What harm is there in it? And who is to say that they are “lower” than the human animal? The Bible says so, as we were supposedly given dominion over all other species–but haven’t I been “arguing with the Bible” since age 11? Science says so also, but doesn’t science evolve as our knowledge and research techniques evolve?

I silently apologize to this particular deer, and all its relatives, for displacing them so rudely. Deer are plentiful here, and the woods are plentiful, and I know they’ll find another refuge. They may eventually become more nuisance than entertainment. For now, though, I hope we find a way to coexist. I resolve to bring cracked corn as a peace offering during my next visit.

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