The UNpretty Side of Developing

April 20, 2018. My first purchase to start developing Camp Many Moons is a silt fence, so-called to prevent silt from running into public waterways. If you have waterfront, you need to put one of these in place before you start moving dirt around. You need to get familiar with regulations and regulatory agencies and permits – and costs. This cost is minimal, but I know more will follow. It’s a ugly thing, this silt fence. In fact, the entire waterfront is ugly right now … but I’m starting to visualize what it will become, thanks to Jeff. He can see the potential more than I can. He can see what will follow this terraforming.

The regulatory process is unpleasant, but I know the regulations and permitting processes are founded in principle — to protect lands and waters from over-development or unintended impact. Many people chafe under these regulations and resent them. I don’t, even though I know that over-regulation is a problem in some cases. I’ve worked under and with regulations all my professional life. I’ve helped to streamline some and to explain many. I see regulations as necessary for “the greater good,” though they need to be reexamined regularly and revised as needed. Some don’t make much sense, and some cost too much — but when it comes to protecting nature, I’ll accept those imperfections. After all, “nature” is why I’m here. I selfishly want my piece of it. I can’t really deny that same right to others.

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