The Backside of Bliss

October 25, 2020. "Follow your dreams and find your bliss," the self-help gurus say. Ah, but there is often a backside in this path towards dreams and bliss. Not a dark side, or a bad side. Just a backside. I'm bumping into it as we chop, drag, burn and scrape to create a big open … Continue reading The Backside of Bliss

We Built a Sand Mountain! Septic Done.

May 23, 2020. Have you ever seen a septic field get built? Neither have I, until now. It's an admittedly odd thing to celebrate, but there is something satisfying about creating your own infrastructure and figuring out how to follow the requirements. The permit calls for 400 square feet of field, so we start with … Continue reading We Built a Sand Mountain! Septic Done.

A Rugged Life = A Dirty Life

April 30, 2020. If you're one of those who likes to feel clean all the time, you aren't cut out for the rugged life. Occasionally, I'm not sure I am either. Most days, though, I accept dirt as part of the deal. I feel closer to the earth somehow when I see (and feel) the … Continue reading A Rugged Life = A Dirty Life

A Kick From Nature

April 24, 2020. In the far north woods, nature can kick you in any season. A late-November storm brought down dozens of trees and cluttered Camp Many Moons with fallen branches and brush. My little patch of heaven is a mess. Cleaning it up is back-breaking work. What would I do without Jeff and his … Continue reading A Kick From Nature

The Well – Deep into Earth & Wallet

July 2019. Urban dwellers don't see the infrastructure that sustains their daily function. You turn on the faucet and water comes in. You flush the toilet and waste goes out. We gripe sometimes about our utility bills or condo fees, as if these conveniences should be a fee-free, God-given right. When you develop raw land … Continue reading The Well – Deep into Earth & Wallet

From Tag Elders to Fraser Firs

May 10, 2019. Out with the tag elders, in with the fraser firs! The south end of my waterfront plot, across a small stream bridged by wooden planks, was overgrown with a weedy tree called tag elder. (They should be called "tangle elder," because you get all tangled in their skinny, hungry branches!) We removed … Continue reading From Tag Elders to Fraser Firs

The UNpretty Side of Developing

April 20, 2018. My first purchase to start developing Camp Many Moons is a silt fence, so-called to prevent silt from running into public waterways. If you have waterfront, you need to put one of these in place before you start moving dirt around. You need to get familiar with regulations and regulatory agencies and … Continue reading The UNpretty Side of Developing

Our First Visitors – The Displaced

December 28, 2017. They were here first, the deer. Their trails crisscrossed this land. Before we crashed into their home to make space for ours, this was their winter refuge. This deer seems confused to come across our new road, and more confused still to see my vehicle approach. There I go, ascribing human emotion … Continue reading Our First Visitors – The Displaced