And Then There Were Five

July 29, 2020. We lost two ducklings. Yesterday, there were seven. Today, just five. I know it's silly to personalize it that way. This is wildlife, and they succumb to the wildness of nature. Nature = natural! But still, I still feel sad. This duck family swims by our dock several times a day, and … Continue reading And Then There Were Five

Yes, Turkeys Can Fly

April 17, 2020. Wild turkeys visited Camp Many Moons today. They're becoming a common sight around here. They look clumsy and silly on the ground, but surprisingly powerful when they take flight. I remember a college friend who was homely and uncomfortable in his shoes, but beautiful and graceful on the ski slopes. Most animals … Continue reading Yes, Turkeys Can Fly

Wildlife – The Consequences

April 10, 2020. Deer scat. Everywhere. Our neighbors feed them daily. I feed them too, sometimes. They like to hang out in our little cedar grove in the winter. I love to see them! But here's the consequence. Deer scat doesn't quickly absorb into helpful fertilizer, as I expected. It stays. And stays. And stays. … Continue reading Wildlife – The Consequences

They Picked Us! New Life at Camp

May 29, 2019. A robin made a nest in our outdoor electrical box, and now we are new parents! Jeff made a sturdy wooden box right after we had electricity installed, to protect a group of outlets that feed our camper and utility trailer and outdoor kitchen. He added shelves to hold bug spray, lighter … Continue reading They Picked Us! New Life at Camp

Our First Visitors – The Displaced

December 28, 2017. They were here first, the deer. Their trails crisscrossed this land. Before we crashed into their home to make space for ours, this was their winter refuge. This deer seems confused to come across our new road, and more confused still to see my vehicle approach. There I go, ascribing human emotion … Continue reading Our First Visitors – The Displaced