Finn Family Ties For Many Moons

July 10, 2019. She's 102 now, one of 21 children born to the same parents and the only one still alive. As if that's not enough to amaze, she owned this piece of property 50 years ago and I didn't even know that. Today, she visited Camp Many Moons. "She" is Aunt Martha, my Dad's … Continue reading Finn Family Ties For Many Moons

Sauna Sadness – History’s Mist

August 28, 2018. Old wood-fired saunas carry memories, and I was washed with them as I bid a final bittersweet farewell to this sauna and the farmhouse next to it. Both were built by my Finnish-immigrant grandparents. This is where 21 children were born, created from the same parents. (Three died in infancy.) This is … Continue reading Sauna Sadness – History’s Mist

Cruisers Come to Visit

Aug. 10, 2018. Cruising boaters are delightful people - cheerful, flexible, hardy and super-organized. That's especially true of those who visited us today in two C-Dories and a tug. These boats are 25' or less -- sturdy craft, meant for comfort over speed. Their owners are all over 60 years old. All have spent weeks … Continue reading Cruisers Come to Visit