When Ice Cracks, Life Emerges

April 1, 2020. This is the view from my camper window as the ice starts to crack open near the shoreline. An otter just scooted by! It must have come up through the crack in the ice. It made me giggle. So smooth in the water, it looks rather clumsy on land. It reminded me … Continue reading When Ice Cracks, Life Emerges

Social Distancing? No Problem Here!

March 11, 2020. At Camp Many Moons, social distancing isn't much of a problem, since there's nobody around! But Jeff went to extremes today to get far away from me. 😉 Actually, we have to walk 30 feet out on the ice to get a signal. That will change when we hook the WiFi back … Continue reading Social Distancing? No Problem Here!

Crackling Fire, Cracking Ice

Jan. 13, 2019.  Who does an outdoor campfire on a snowbound winter night? Hardy northerners do. Because sounds are fewer, they're magnified. The ice is cracking loudly a few feet away while the fire pit crackles away at my feet. And although I can’t hear it, I know the home-made wood stove is also crackling in … Continue reading Crackling Fire, Cracking Ice