Wildlife – The Consequences

April 10, 2020. Deer scat. Everywhere. Our neighbors feed them daily. I feed them too, sometimes. They like to hang out in our little cedar grove in the winter. I love to see them! But here’s the consequence. Deer scat doesn’t quickly absorb into helpful fertilizer, as I expected. It stays. And stays. And stays. Deer create other consequences too. They’ve nibbled on the ends of my new plantings – the apple trees, the burning bush (which hasn’t “burned” yet and may never) and the privet shrubs that I’ve planted along the property border to add a privacy screen. We added metal fencing or mesh to protect all of them, but the snow sometimes compromises these safeguards and the deer find a way in. It’s frustrating, and a common issue around here. I did my research and tried to plant bushes and perennials that won’t tempt the deer, but I learned that all plants come with caveats and nothing claims to be “deer-proof.” So, I sigh and make repairs and hope for the best. And I remember that all living creatures have their nature. It’s crazy to expect them to change their nature for my convenience. After all, I’m the “evolved” animal. I’m the one who reflects, and adapts. Adapting means accepting sometimes.

I still welcome them to Camp Many Moons. But I’ll get smarter about protecting my plant life. I’ll probably plant less. I’ll keep reflecting. And adapting.

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