Pets Need Nature Too

Boo and Roscoe are my outdoor companions. They are so fun, and funny. I can’t imagine outdoor life without them.

Roscoe is a full-blood Siberian Husky who weighs 65 lbs. Boo is an American short-hair of undetermined pedigree who weighs 6 lbs. Both are about 11 years old but still full of energy and curiosity.

Neither is supposed to like the water, but both seem to love it with me! Boo joins us on the trawler and boldly explores the gunwhale (outer perimeter of the boat). Roscoe joins me in the rowboat, canoe and paddle board.

But what they both love most is exploring. And running, for the joy of it. Roscoe runs next to the 4-wheeler in a full-out “gallop,” his tongue flying. (He’s bred for running, after all.) Boo sometimes dashes across our 300 feet of waterfront as if she’s chasing something, but isn’t. Sometimes she’s gone for many hours. I worry about wild animals that might see her as prey, but realize that I’m giving her quality of life.

Nature and exercise are valuable for both humans and pets — and much richer when we enjoy them together. Yes, a pet is work. Responsibility and all that. But so rewarding!

They’re also a good mirror of one’s emotional state. But that’s another post!

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