To Harbor Springs (Day 15)

Small town, big money. At least that’s how I see it after we arrive at the municipal marina here and tuck between some humongous yachts — the kind with their own hired crew. The yacht behind us has a hot tub on board. Or so I was told. I didn’t ask for a tour.

I was raised in a humble town, in a humble household. We had a phrase for places like this: “hoity-toity.” 😉 This is called a resort town. Its population numbers only 1,158 but probably doubles in summer through its four or so marinas. There must be hundreds of boats here on the north side of Little Traverse Bay, either in the marinas or bobbing at anchor.

The marina services were top-notch, which should be expected when the dock fee is $65/night — the highest of our trip so far. The dockside help is much appreciated after our 55-mile journey from St. Ignace and the rough seas along the way. (See previous post.) I revel in the hot and clean marina shower before we head out for a tour by bike.

The shoreline is mostly private here, lined by impressive homes that belong to private associations. I wonder what their HOA fee is?! It’s a beautiful shoreline with well-maintained beaches. Our bike tour is limited when we run into “residents-only” signs that border large neighborhoods. Everyone we encounter is friendly, though, and I remind myself to not judge wealthy people as snooty.

I take my paddle board out for a spin and stop by to visit our fellow Loopers on Wind Shift, anchored nearby. It’s a kick to go visiting by paddle board, and an easy way to get around. Mike and Jeanne are generous with tips. They started The Loop last year and are very relaxed and positive about it.

Jeff and I end the day with”Music in the Park” right in front of the marina, but I’m too tired to enjoy it much. Early mornings and rough passages wear me out. I wonder if I’ll adjust as time goes on? Our neighbors on this busy pier party on until 2300. I’m eager for a quiet anchorage sometime soon.

4 thoughts on “To Harbor Springs (Day 15)

  1. Around the end of little travers bay is Charlevoix and the lake by the same name. Quiet spots are to be found not too far into the lake. Check your charts, I think you should find something to you liking. If you are going to push on to Northport you might find a place to drop the hook to the left of the marina. Or further south is a lovely anchorage in Omina bayCarole. And I made this a very nice stop between TVC and Tom


    1. Thanks Tom! We spent last night pierside in Lake Charlevoix and just moved to an anchorages. On to Northport tomorrow. The Marina manager there also told us about a nice anchorage just douth of the marina so we may stay there a second night. Appreciate your tips


  2. I continue to enjoy your adventure vicariously! Is 2300 11 PM? Also I never noticed before that “marjasisu” is next to your picture and I’m wondering the origin of that name.


    1. You are learning military time. Good for you! That name is my Google handle and it combines the nickname my dad gave me (marja, sort of “Mary” in Finnish) with the Finnish term “sisu,” which means determination and grit.


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