Anchoring 10 Miles Out (Days 118-19)

Many Moons spent Thanksgiving night at anchor, 10 miles off-shore.

Huh?? Yup! That’s how shallow it is off Florida’s north-west coast. Just 15 feet deep.

I wasn’t there, of course. (See previous post.) Jeff sent me these photos as I waited in Carrabelle to meet my Michigan friends and my car.

But I can’t seem to stop blogging. That’s the thing about The Great Loop. It gets into your heart and under your skin and embedded in your mind. Ask anyone who’s done it!

A funny example. As I took the wheel of my car for the first time in four months, I heard an insistent beep from the passenger seat next to me. “Put on your life jacket!” I said to my companion.

Um. Seat belt, I mean.

Many Moons traveled 93 miles on Thanksgiving Day before dropping anchor offshore. (The winds were favorable that night, or it would not have worked as well as it did.) As I write, she is 67 miles further along, in Crystal River, waiting for the next weather window to proceed south to Tarpon Springs. That’s 160 miles in two days. Two long days, for a boat that travels 8.5 mph. Whew.

See photos and captions below.

Jeff took this picture of sunset on the Gulf of Mexico while anchored in 15 feet of water, 10 miles offshore.
Sunrise from inside Many Moons, 10 miles offshore in the vicinity of Horseshoe Bay, in the Gulf of Mexico.
After anchoring offshore, Many Moons traveled 67 miles to Crystal River and is anchored near Pete’s Pier.
As Many Moons “rests” at Crystal River today, we keep track of other Loopers. The “50+” on lower right represents all the boats in the vicinity of Clearwater. The “20+” on upper left represents those still in Carrabelle, waiting to cross.
Laurie and Dale (on dock) drove my car 1,400 miles to meet me here. They made a mini-vacation out of it. Here, they visit the crew of DeDe, one of the smaller Looping boats, which remains in Carrabelle awaiting for the best weather window. These are “gold Loopers,” meaning they have already done The Loop once and are on their second go-around.
Meanwhile, I took another walk along Carrabelle Beach. I really like the Florida panhandle. I’d come back.

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